Create a Configuration

You can create, edit and view configurations in the Garnet dashboard.

Click on the Configurations button from the left navigation bar and click New

Create a New Configuration

A configuration can be any key and value pair. Creating a new config consists of three main elements:

  • A name or key for the variable (e.g. STRIPE_API_TEST_KEY)

  • A value for the variable (e.g. [email protected])

  • An scope tag (e.g. dev, staging, prod or default)

Note: a environment variable can be linked to multiple environments using the scope tags

You would need to link your config to a project that was previously created, which can be accessed from the dropdown list. Additionally, you can also add a Service Name (e.g. Stripe, Auth0, MongoDB) for ease of reference.

Configurations List

The list shows all the configs for a user. You can also search through the list by clicking on the Filters tab.