Frequently asked questions

Q - How does Garnet compare with Vault and other secrets managers?

Garnet was built to solve the problem of developer-experience and complexity of managing secrets and config. Vault is a terrific tool, and we don't intend to replace it. One of our goals is to integrate well with existing secrets systems, and not reinvent the wheel.

For starters, Garnet provides a simpler alternative to Vault. However, as Garnet is built to be modular by design, you should be able to use it as an interface to Vault (coming soon). Q - Does Garnet store my secrets? How do I make sure they are secure?

Garnet itself doesn't store any secrets. We just handle your encrypted data on the server. For storage, Garnet can be used with a storage backend in your own infrastructure (e.g. Amazon RDS, MongoDB Atlas, or a self-managed PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDB instance). The server itself can also be hosted on your own infrastructure, so Garnet is as secure as the infrastructure you run it on.