Quick Start

Deploy a self-hosted preview instance of Garnet in less than 5 minutes

To offer users the ability to quickly try out Garnet, we offer a preview instance. The instance is a single docker image available at docker.garnet.scarf.sh/garnetlabs/garnet-oss-preview:latest

Note: this is not meant for production use.

Garnet preview with built-in database (easiest)


You must have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your local machine.

Setting up the preview deployment

If you want to run Garnet locally, you can run the provided docker image as follows:

  1. Clone the Garnet OSS repository from Github, and navigate into the directory:

git clone https://github.com/garnet-labs/garnet-oss.git && cd garnet-oss

2. Then paste the following snippet into your terminal:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.preview.yml up

Once up, your Garnet preview instance should now be accessible at http://localhost:3000

For this preview instance, env configuration is already loaded in the garnet-oss-preview:latest docker image. Please note that this configuration is just for evaluation and development purposes, and you should not use it when running in production.