Welcome to Garnet 👋

Garnet is a tool for managing configurations (such as environment variables, API keys, tokens, passwords etc.). Below is the quick start guide for using Garnet.


Our vision is to elevate configurations as a first class citizen in a developer's workflow, through the following principles:

  • Simple, not simplistic

  • Developer-first

  • Security by design

Many developers currently find it painful to manage their configurations such as environment variables and secrets. This makes building and deploying manual, time-consuming and insecure. Garnet aims to provide the most developer-friendly and secure way to do that.

Garnet Cloud Service

You can sign up for a free account on our hosted platform.

Deployment Options

Our suggested method for quick deployment is through the provided Docker images.

However, Garnet can be deployed anywhere you want. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to deploy Garnet on the following cloud-providers:

Production Deployment

Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to deploy Garnet in production, in your own environment.


Anyone can be a contributor, and we love contributions of all kinds. See our Docs for a guide on how to get started.

Not sure where to start? Speak with one of our core contributors.